Larry has been with the company for over a year & a half. In that short period of time, he has become a huge asset to the business & has ushered us into the 21st century technology by coordinating our internet sales with EBAY & GUNBROKER. As a result, he knows a lot about a lot of different things. In his spare time, he likes to tinker with motorcycles & do a little farming.





Tom has been with the company for 10 years & we are very lucky to have him. Some of you may recognize Tom from Premium Brands where he had worked for many years before joining the Mountain Man Team. He really likes working with the public & telling a good story from time to time. Tom is an avid golfer & also has been known to go fishing when he gets a chance.




Marge is the Matriarch of our company. It was she who started this business back on Dickson Street in 1978. In 1987 she sold the business to a very good friend, "Butch" Thomas & it was he who asked her to stay on for a few months until he could get settled in & she agreed to do so. However, she discovered that she could not leave the business that she had breathed life into & is still with us today. We are very fortunate to still have her wisdom, guidance & business savvy to rely on daily while we continue to grow & move forward toward the future. We call on her frequently for advice & I am sure by now there are times when she wishes she could change her name & go into the witness protection program. She loves & tolerates us anyway & we love & appreciate her so much for doing so.




Butch is the owner of Mountain Man Supplies & Pawn, Instant Money Pawn & Mountain Man Bail Bonding. Back in 1987 he was looking for a career that would allow him to pursue his passion as an avid outdoorsman & still make a decent living. This was when he was presented with the opportunity to purchase Mountain Man. He felt with his determination to succeed & his love of the business that things would work out. Times were lean for a few years & it took a little longer than he thought that it would but he hung in there & he is so glad that he did. He is a very active "HANDS ON" owner/operator who never takes a full day off. It is his guidance & leadership abilities that allow us, his fellow co-workers, to continue to do the jobs that we love & are so very fortunate to have. He is a very SAVVY businessman & the word "failure" is not in his vocabulary. Butch came from very humble beginnings & is no stranger to hard work. It is this background that makes him who he is & he never takes anything for granted. He has worked hard, worked smart & taken a very common sense approach to business management. He is a very kind & generous individual who is driven to succeed at everything that he does. With multiple businesses & a bunch of happy co-workers, there is never a dull moment in his life & we are all thankful that he is in ours. 





Clint moved from South Arkansas to Fayetteville in 1975 to go to college at the U Of A. After college, he worked in food service management for 22 years. In 1998 he was presented with an opportunity from his good friend Butch Thomas to work in the pawn business. Not knowing much about the pawn business, he was a little skeptical at first but, after a few short weeks,  he was HOOKED! Since then he has never looked back & his only regret is that he hadn't done it sooner! Everything happens for a reason & he feels very blessed & fortunate to be surrounded by such a great group of people. Clint tells us "If you really love what you do, then you'll never have to work a day in your life."





Damon is our store manager here at Mountain Man & has been with the company for 10 years. He is an avid outdoorsman & gun enthusiast. He is a very sharp young man with a very bright future with our company. He has a lovely wife & 2 darling little daughters that keep him busy when he is not working or pursuing some of his other passions. His drive, ambition & high energy level is contagious but his co-workers have risen to the challenge & there is a constant friendly competition to see who can out do the other. That is a great environment to be a part of.





Emily has been with our company for over 7 years & she has developed several areas of expertise. In addition to being a seasoned pawnbroker & sales person she recently became our on site jeweler. Her many qualities & skills have made an awful lot of people happy over the years & she has developed a very loyal customer following as a result of her sincere desire to help people. She always greets every one she sees with a big smile & a pleasant greeting.







This is Paul's secong stint with us. He has been a mechanic, installed security alarms and worked in the oil fields. In his spare time he likes to work on cars. We are happy to welcome Paul back.