About Mountain Man

Shuler Town, Inc. was established in 1978. The original store, Mountain Man Supplies, was in a small part of what is now a book shop near the corner of School and Dickson. The total space was less than 1000 square feet, including a restroom, pawn storage, and an office. After a year, having outgrown this space, Mountain Man Supplies moved just across the street to a vacant Burger Chef building. It was in this larger (nearly double) space that the newly re-named Mountain Man Supplies and Pawn made its home until 1987.

In 1987, "Butch" Thomas bought Mountain Man Supplies and Pawn & later moved it to the south side of its present location in the Southgate Shopping Center. This move proved to be beneficial; so much in fact that when the northern end of the site became available in 1989, Mountain Man expanded again to nearly double the size. In 1996, the store was remodeled to add additional office space and more efficient work space. In 1998, Butch decided that additional growth was needed & followed up that wisdom with another pawn shop that he named Instant Money Pawn. It was located on what is now Martin Luther King Blvd (where the current Popeye's Chicken is) & operated there until December 31st, 2006. Earlier in 2006 Butch purchased & remodeled a building at 2650 North College that had housed, as previous tenants, a veterinary clinic & a radio station.

Store FrontHaving outgrown it's original location, Instant Money opened in it's new spot just south of Gator Golf on January 1, 2007. The new location boasts increased pawn storage and a spacious merchandise showroom.

Continued growth continues today as we strive to maintain an even greater level of excellence in both our service to customers and our dedication to Mountain Man Supplies and Pawn and all of its goals. The team that we have established and the success of the business is no accident. It has been built on pride, integrity, hard work, and a desire to be both an asset to our customers and an outstanding business. We have a totally modern security system including all of the latest technology available, as well as an extensive surveillance system to protect all of our customers valuables entrusted to us. Our friendly staff & our great loyal customers make for a very fun, exciting & enjoyable environment to be in, from either side of our counters.

Mountain Man--More Than A Pawn Shop

Hidden away on the south side of Fayetteville lies what can be described as a museum dedicated to the outdoors man. Mountain Man Supplies and Pawn, while providing short-term financial support to its customers for over 37 years, has grown into a showplace for all things outdoors.

On the west side of the building, firearms are on display. Not just any firearms, but firearms usually seen only in old western movies. A Sharp’s 1863 Carbine hangs next to a Springfield Trap-Door. A Browning lever-action shotgun hangs next to a Winchester 1873. And while these guns are not within reach, they are still close enough that some engravings can be seen with the naked eye.

On the east side of the building hangs a more modern collection of firearms, affectionately dubbed the “Post-Clinton Collection.” These firearms are military style rifles, made especially collectable due to the Clinton administration’s ban on such weapons. A Ruger Mini-14 with a stainless steel barrel and factory folding stock always draws attention, as does the Valmet Sporter with a 90-round clip. Numerous AR-15’s of varying configurations also hang on display, including a late 1960’s vintage Colt with a military-style bayonet.

And no outdoors collection would be complete without stuffed animals, and there are lots of them here—one elk stares out toward the front door while another is caught in mid-call, a bear cub peeks out from it's den, a pheasant takes flight from it's perch, wild turkeys stand proudly spanning the many dear mounts positioned nicely throughout the store. We continue to grow more & more every year & our uniqueness is symbolized in our motto of "MORE THAN JUST A PAWN SHOP"